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Mata Ortiz Pottery

View the work of many of the second-generation artists within the Mata Ortiz Region.  Initially Mata Ortiz pottery was marketed and accepted as a Southwestern art form and was admired as such. The potters of Mata Ortiz are Mexican mestizos, lacking any explicit ties with the Indian culture. They prize above all the teachings of Juan Quezada for bring innovation and experimentation in design and technique to their work. Please review our "Store" and start your collection today of the increasingly popular Mata Ortiz Mexican Pottery and ceramic work by some of the best potters in the world!

 Mata Ortiz, Featured Artist of the Month-Oralia Lopez

Mata Ortiz Pottery

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Oralia Lopez

Oralia Lopez is one of the second-generation of Mata Ortiz artists from the Barrio Lopez. Oralia has been making museum quality pots for 14 years and her pottery is some of the most highly sought after work in all of Mata Ortiz.

She is most famous for her unique patters of graduated squares and triangles, drawn with such exactness that a secondary design of diamonds is produced  within the squares.

Oralia's dedication to her work in reflected by the quality of each of her pieces. She shows her work throughout the United Staes, and her reputation as an exceptional artist has spread as far as Asia and Europe. She has been selected to represent Mata Ortiz at an interestional conference of ceramic artists in Santa Fe.